Blogger Blitz, Shipping Wars: Cuisine Collector

Hello there! I hope you’re all ready to welcome me to the world of blogging! My name is T.C. Clockworth, people know me as a Pokémon fanatic! This world is inhabited by all kinds of blogs! For some people, they start blogging to grow a brand. Others start them for self-expression. Myself…I was bored one day and it sounded fun.

As such, I signed up for the Adventure Rules Blogger Blitz, where in this year’s event I will be advocating that N from Pokémon Generation 5 has the best relationship in all of video games…or at least a better relationship than who the other bloggers are advocating for. I’m specifically advocating for the relationship he has with his Pokémon.

My assignment this week is to discuss where N would take his Pokémon for a meal, if he had to go somewhere different for drinks, appetizers, a main course, and dessert. As luck would have it, the world of Pokémon is full of all kinds of treats and cuisines. For this collection, I’ll be assuming N would have access to the entire Pokémon world, because in the games you are easily able to fly to a town at a moment’s notice. Sure, within the game you have to have been there first, and it’s only within the region you’re at, but that’s mostly for game design. Add the fact that if that failed he could order the TM for Teleport online from Kanto, and teach it to his Starmie, Arcanine, or Cloyster, and I think he’d be fine.

To start things off, I can’t think of anywhere better to go for drinks than MooMoo Farms. This charming little piece of land is located on Route 39 of Johto, just north of Olivine City, and is home to one of the most widely consumed beverages in the Pokémon world; Moomoo Milk. This rich, creamy drink not only quenches a Pokémon’s thirst, it also replenishes health. On top of that, it’s obtained from Miltank, so it should only strengthen N’s bond with Pokémon further. The only thing better than drinking MooMoo Milk with your loved ones, would be doing it as you watched the sun gleam across the rolling hills leading to the coast in Olivine City from the comfort of a homey farm. Now that’s a setting and a drink fit for memories that last a lifetime.

Next up, we’ve got to take N and his Pokémon somewhere for an appetizer. I decided to stick with the theme of harvesting our dishes from Pokémon as much as I could. N desires nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with Pokémon, so I imagine when bonding with his own, he wants to be surrounded by these wondrous creatures. As such, the appetizer is fruit salad in treehouses of Fortree City. Located in the Hoenn Region, Fortree City is a community built entirely of tree houses. The nearby routes; 119 and 123, are home to more areas for berry planting than potentially anywhere else on the world. On top of that, 119 is where you find Tropius, a Pokémon known for the delicious fruit it grows from it’s neck. Imagine a bowl for of Oran, Razz, Pecha, and Cherri berries, all mixed up with Tropius fruit. Imagine sharing it using a big spoon as your feet dangled off the ledge of a balcony in the trees, and wild Pokémon played all around. It would truly be sublime.

While I wanted to continue with the nature theme throughout, it’s hard to really find a primary entree being served in caves, woods, and rivers. So I figure, why not bring N back to his home turf for this one? The Striaton City Gym in Unova is home to a world class café ran by 3 brothers. Now while N is initially opposed to battling, the protagonist in Black and White shows him that you can love Pokémon, support them, care for them…and still battle. N learns battling can even be a means of bonding with Pokémon. So as long as this meal takes place after then, and before Cheren takes over the gym, then this seems like a prime location. They could be waited on by the high class staff, enjoy the delicious food, and then bond with one another by challenging the gym. Even if N and his friends decide that the battling is not for them, now that they’re not morally opposed to it they can at least spend time with other trainers and Pokémon enjoying life together.

Finally we’re brought to dessert. If there’s one culinary item in the Pokémon world that’s been obsessed over again and again within the story of the game…it’s the malasada. Hau of the Alola Region is in love with these delectable fried sweet pastries. They come in a variety of flavors to guarantee that there’s something for everyone, and they are proven to improve the relationship a trainer has with their Pokémon. Now THAT’s one magical tropical donut. Never mind the fact that this delicacy will be enjoyed on the sunny beaches of Alola. People travel from all over to visit this region and see oceans reflect the warm sun as far as the eye can go, bordered by the whitest sand you can imagine, that’s sprinkled with lush palm trees. Truly a dessert joined in this diverse piece of nature must be a relaxing way to bond.

So that’s that! These are the locations and foods that I would have N enjoy with his Pokémon on the travelling meal of a lifetime! If this is it for me, I just want to thank Ian for hosting Blogger Blitz, and all of you for reading. But if there’s more to come, I’ll see you soon. Whether that involves Blogger Blitz or not, only time will tell.

Adventure Rules:

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