Spiritfarer’s Platforming Sets it Apart from Other Simulation Games

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Adventure Rules

When it comes to indie titles, I tend to follow the crowd rather than setting trends myself. A lot of the indie titles I have tried ultimately caught my attention due to lots of recommendations from friends or seeing a large number of positive reviews from journalists or influencers. Titles that now rank among some of my favorite games – experiences like Into the Breach, Celeste, and Hades – I jumped on the bandwagon late because I’m so hesitant to pick up indies unless I know they are good first. In this regard Spiritfarer is no different. I vaguely remember seeing a trailer that didn’t particularly impress me in an Indie World presentation, but then hearing nothing but glowing reviews when the game came out. Everyone I knew of who touched it considered it a strong contender for best indie and wanted it to win every Game Awards category where…

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